Manitoba election key: women abandoned the NDP. Plus, the candidates I’m watching.

Early on in my journey into internet expression about provincial politics and the 2016 election, I addressed the way women like myself and my now-expanding circle of moms and moms-to-be had developed a distaste for an NDP party led by Greg Selinger.

12     Probe poll proves tears are not enough to restore women’s faith in the NDP

“Both genders have been leaving the NDP, and they have been for some time, but the women seem to be disproportionately,” Probe president Scott MacKay said.  Only 23 per cent of decided female voters in Manitoba said they would vote NDP if an election were held today.

 I commented: “A staple of the Selinger government became a steady parade of Kerri Irvin-Ross media appearances vowing to ‘learn’ from deaths of kids in care. From Phoenix, from Tina, etc.  Children in government care being murdered, raped, exploited and led into addiction hurt her feelings, she said. 

This theatre was repeated so often it escalated to the Minister breaking down into sobs and bawling but her words were empty. 

   Her failure to get a handle on the file – even if the collapse started under previous ministers like Jennifer Howard –  hurt her credibility AND Premier Selingers’, and the poll shows, her tears are not enough to restore it


There was this red (orange?) flag;

Election #Fail – What’s ahead for Manitoba NDP?  about the federal election results: “The NDP vote in Winnipeg fell from 78,413 to 50,082 (36%)”

As for Sharon Blady, who took the role of female lead in the Selinger scare campaign, I remarked:

“Brian Sinclair was a learning experience for Theresa Oswald?  Those 2 sick patients ferried home from the Grace Hospital by taxis who died were a learning experience for Erin Selby? The way @MsBehavior’s Baba Dubs was neglected, got sicker in hospital with an infection, and died, was that Sharon Blady’s learning experience too? ” Not to mention, there was the disgraceful way senior citizen Betty Clark was treated by Blady’s WRHA when it refused to pay for a tooth sacrificed in a procedure.

Sharon Blady embracing the union leader who stuck a knife in Theresa Oswald’s back. Thanks for helping sink the Selinger regime, Alex Forrest.

Irvin-Ross and Blady — under Selinger’s command and just like Howard, Selby and Oswald before them, letting down women in Manitoba, sure didn’t appear to turn the polls around, did it? Not to forget the two favorite female special-interest parachute candidates, Nahanni Fontaine and Barb Burkowski.  Let’s see how they do at the polls.

Men running for the NDP I wrote about  –  James Allum, who I wish I had been able to discuss more of since he is King Smarmy of them all,  toxic ideologue dishonest Dave Chomiak, and Dave “They hate you Greg” Gaudreau and of course, the two angry men, Eric Robinson and rappin’ Wab Kinew – all their ridings are on my personal radar.


What kind of vote erosion (like that 36% loss in October) will be registered in the NDP vote in these ridings? 

And I almost forgot —  I’ll also be interested in the fate of two Liberals I mentioned here, Rana Bokhari and Dr. Jon Gerrard of the Liberals.  We’ll see who departs the scene first- Rana is she loses, or Greg if he wins.

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