Maybe someone told Rana “Knock yourself out!” and she thought it meant…

Before I began this web project I had never really watched a lot of intense political coverage and certainly never a provincial leaders debate. Five of us deposited the kids on the significant others and had supper while watching the debate.

The downward spiral of Greg Selinger and the NDP pretty much parallels what a lot of my crowd have been feeling for awhile, really since the sales tax hike which he refused to apologize for.

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Once news came out that the money wasn’t actually all spent to help flood victims and protect communities, which he still couldn’t admit in the debate, we began to question what kind of person he was. As in, a liar, worse than the usual kind of liars in politics because this picking our pockets of nickles and dimes – not just the increase, it was the expansion to all sorts of things that weren’t taxed before – what he did was like brazen theft.

The smear campaign against Brian Pallister made our opinion of Selinger even worse, since it is obvious BP made his own money and didn’t milk the public for money to hire his friends and payoff his ex-friends. One of whom may or may not be, um, anyways

So some of the girls live in ridings where the Liberal candidates were not also-rans. Serious sincere qualified people. Recognized in the community. A reasonable alternative to the previous party choice for a few – actually, almost all, of the group.

And then came Rana.

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We know it isn’t easy being a woman in politics and especially a leader.  But there was no sympathy for Bokhari last night. Her punch lines seemed forced, her points unfocused, and as my cousin remarked, she’s seen better poise  from junior high school student council wanna-be’s. The only knock-out punch of last night’s debate was by Rana on herself, and it pushed support away from her candidates in 3 ridings represented around the living room  to ….

— hint: not towards Selinger.

I feel sorry for Dr. Jon Gerrard because she may have undercut him in River Heights last night. It was THAT bad. She probably knocked herself out of Fort Rouge last night and like dominoes Gerrard and others who deserved a better fate could fall too.

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