Campaign tip for Wab Kinew: Look first. Then, and only then, step off the curb.

It’s always good to see people who have put their names on the ballot, out on the hustings (look it up, kids). Pressing the flesh is the best way for voters to know the candidates and vice versa. And it can be exciting for everyone.

Yesterday at about 3 PM, Wab Kinew was pretty excited from the looks of it.  He was at the Shoppers Drug Mart corner of Roslyn at Osborne, aiming to cross the street to the Shell station – and he had company.

Wab Greg and Flor

So excited, they started walking across the street without noticing the light had changed, and drivers heading east had the green light.

When the car trying to drive across Osborne hit the brakes so no one got run over, and stared at them for a second, Wab and his walking buddy, Greg Selinger, reversed themselves and went back onto the corner to wait it out.

(Is there such a thing as attempted jaywalking?).

The four girl (none-over-25 ) cheerleading squad they had with them were laughing and giggling, for some reason. And so were we. On so many levels.

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