Manitoba election campaign exposing NDP weakness – big on ego’s (and Yurts), small on reality checks.

A Kevin Chief story in the Free Press was meant to pump up the flagging fortunes of the NDP by, without any challenge, promoting Chief’s assertion that Greg Selinger was (by virtue of his long history as an inner-city poverty pimp) still popular and not a liability. Well, popular with voters maybe, because as was revealed, NDP caucus members are treating him like a contagious patient in an overcrowded ER.

” Generally, only his most stalwart leadership-contest allies (MLAs such as James Allum, Kerri Irvin-Ross and Sharon Blady) have come along to show support. At one Selinger event this week announcing details of $10 billion in proposed infrastructure spending at Red River College’s Notre Dame Avenue campus, the NDP leader stood alone..”

  With help like that, who needs enemies.  Actually, the facial reactions of Irvin-Ross at the ‘#I’mWithWab’ -fest reflected Chief’s own distaste for the NDP rap star/leader-in-waiting.

Wab and Kerri presser pic


Chief had the good sense not to be at either the campaign launch or the ‘staredown with Gordon Sinclair’ press event – because “Those (postings by Kinew) definitely don’t represent who I am, don’t represent the values of my neighbourhood and my family… “.

Speaking of Kinew,  under the media’s radar for some reason,  the NDP’s lamest attempt to rehabilitate their fallen angry star was a video subtitled “Published on Mar 22, 2016 – Fort Rouge NDP Candidate Wab Kinew & Dr. Lisa Monkman (husband & wife) chat about the importance of health & wellness in their relationship.”

As of March 28th at midnight, it had scored a whopping 146 views.

And no wonder the campaign has not promoted it. This has absolutely nothing to do with health care.

The intent of this was to show Wab’s interaction with a woman when he’s not rapping insults or lyrics about beating one.  She says she’s a doctor so he says he’s a doctor too (?). Then he brags how important his CBC TV show was and how great a sacrifice he made to quit to care for his dying father.

Isn’t he special? What a pompous ass. Poor Lisa.

Allum thoroughly embarrassed himself last week by insisting Manitoba doesn’t need to be part of the New West partnership as “they’ve 2 press releases over 4 years because it’s a shell, it doesn’t exist and hasn’t produced anything”.

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What Allum was referring to is that there are only 2 Joint Decisions, or declarations, published about the interpretation of the member provinces of the Trade Agreement.

Meanwhile, the sidebar of the website lists areas for “business or investor”, trades people, vendors or contractors, and “government or public entity” to learn more. As well as procurement Guidelines and Dispute Resolution.  Sure looks like something real is happening to me.

Allum, the genius responsible for the sorry state of Education in this province, gets an ‘F’ for research.

Health Minister Blady gave an interview to CBC claiming she was an academic before seeking election in 2007. A comment asked:

  • LM
Is an “academic” someone who has: 
– Been a full-time politician for 9 years
– Prior to that, been a university *instructor* (not professor)? 
– A Master’s degree (not a Ph.D.)? 
Two papers (both of which appear in an “Occasional Publication” of the Univ. of Alberta Press, as opposed to a nationally or internationally peer-reviewed, academic journal)?
Of course Blady is merely following in Selinger’s footsteps of deception.
People assume he has a degree in economics because the media only uses the name London School of Economics when he talks about his PhD.
His thesis paper (good luck finding it) was “Organising Hope: Reflections on Strategic Civic Engagement in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1978-1988”. In other words, activism cloaked as “social work”. And no evidence he has any training in advanced economics.
When it comes to self-awareness Selinger has no grasp of the obvious, insisting to CBC “When asked if he’d been a bully himself, he responded: “I don’t believe so.”
 His 19% approval rating seems to indicate that many many Manitoba voters have experienced otherwise.
 As derick said today in his post Today’s NDP: Strong On Yurts :
“I sometimes feel bad for the Manitoba NDP party. After 16 years in power they have mangled almost every portfolio so badly that they have very little to brag about.”
I disagree.
I don’t feel bad for this bunch at all.
Hopefully Kerri Irvin-Ross has a big table reserved at 529 for April 20th, because she may have lots of company wearing dunce caps that day.

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