The Party that unites; Angry men more than welcome.

Another day, another damage control interview by Wab Kinew.

His comments in a Canadian Press chat have resulted in more, and not less, questions about his character.


Wab CP retaliate

The CP story uses the words “anger / angry” 4 times in discussing his behavior and his fathers’.

Some fairly smart people online, like Free Press columnist Deveryn Ross, and a school trustee, were alarmed the word “retaliate“.

Especially because where “this stuff’ is coming from” is voters repudiating Sharon Blady and her party as hypocrites, for starting this pissing match about a Liberal, while defending an NDP  “star” whose own words degraded women (and gays) repeatedly.


Wab reaction on Twitter to CP


Prior to Kinew attempting to stare down Gordon Sinclair for being persistent in asking hard questions about Wab’s alleged ‘redemption’,  the candidate was part of a ceremony at Portage Place. The aboriginal guest of honour was happy, but Wab and Eric Robinson seemed … pre-occupied?


Wab and Eric Ptg Place
Two “star” NDP candidates with anger issues?


A few years ago, Dan Lett also wrote about someone’s anger and behavior issues – Robinson’s.

Sources described the veteran politician as “prickly” and “angry.” Some said in debate over policy, he was quick to raise the issue of race. That he could be demanding and quick to show temper, especially if he thought his opinions about aboriginal policy were being undermined by a non-aboriginal colleague or staff.

Without much prodding, Robinson acknowledged he is aware some see him as “the angry Indian.” It is a characterization he vehemently denies.

“I do think a lot of people think I am angry,” Robinson said in an interview. “But I think those people don’t know me. Am I that ugly, that I look angry?”

Kinew is being groomed to replace Eric Robinson as the lead Aboriginal voice and face of the NDP. Cut from the same cloth?

“I hope that people recognize that I’m a leader.”

Increasingly in his public statements, Wab Kinew comes across more like a self-centred fame-seeker lacking humility, than a community builder.

He talks about his great “transformation” but never mentions getting to the root cause of his problem. Has he taken anger management counseling?  Or is this a ‘do it yourself’ redemption?


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