Is newlywed Kerri Irvin Ross wondering why she is running again?

I would have thought that the recent marriage of Family Services Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross would have gotten some actual news coverage. Instead, all we get is a gossip item?


Here we have the Deputy Premier, with 10,000 children under her care, running off to Maui to get hitched to a big-time restaurant magnate who, I was reminded, got in on the Crocus Fund generosity for a million or two. Who knows what other government and Crown programs and benefits he takes advantage of. You’d think the media would ask a few questions?


But “the waves crashing and sun setting” nuptuals were a distant memory today when KIR stood in the back row at the press conference , horrified watching  Greg Selinger lead Today’s NDP and her place in government down the toilet.

Because Wab Kinew – who says he was only joking with every stupid, sick, mean and demeaning anti-women (and cat) word he has ever sung/rapped /tweeted, is somehow more important than her party having a shred of integrity.

Wab and Kerri presser pic
Kerri Irvin Ross watching Wab Kinew destroy the NDP election hopes.


Well, at least she has a reserved table at 529 to fall back on.

Like me, a lot of families are done with this bunch. I bet 529 will be plenty busy on April 20th.

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