There’s 10 million reasons Councilor Lukes is trying to snow Winnipeg car owners

I didn’t hear about any of the chaos Coun. Janice Lukes predicted would happen overnight as the City of Winnipeg began to plow snow from residential streets, but I expect on Monday there will be some sort of fireworks.

Hopefully some will land on her head and maybe spark some common sense.

Counselor Lukes tried very hard last week to present a coherent argument that because HER city lawyers basically LIED to council 3 years ago when they claimed the ‘Know Your Zone’ bylaw was legal, we – city drivers- are to blame.

Like a lecturing grade 2 teacher she told CTV  ‘if WE don’t move our cars then WE blah blah blah’ … and streets get ice castles ploughed around parked vehicles.

  1. It’s our fault, not hers. Of course not.

The city lawyer had already doubled down by claiming that it was still legal to ticket cars between 11pm-7 am, which Wise Up Winnipeg totally shredded in a pre-emptive letter on Friday telling the city that claim was also, a lie.


City lawyers lied years ago, they lied when they claimed they only found out in November the plowing bylaw wasn’t legal when Todd Dube took them to court (the required dictum would have been filed with the Court of Appeal months before) and they lied that tickets overnight was still allowed under the Highway Traffic Act (not without a bylaw specifically stating the times, it isn’t).

Dune and his group have successfully challenged the slight-of -legal-hand that drivers, homeowners, whoever, are required to scour the internet or pay attention to Winnipeg media reports, instead of the city providing drivers the courtesy – actually scratch that- the LEGAL RIGHT – to be warned by signage where and when not to park. He is threatening a class action suit to force a refund.

This bylaw has never worked, from the beginning. A look back:

Cars parked during snow ban won’t be ticketed: City

The new Know Your Zone residential parking ban has only been in place since Monday night, but the city has already made some changes.

Motorists who do not move their vehicles during the hours of the ban will not be ticketed, said Ken Boyd, manager of streets maintenance.

“It will be warnings only throughout this plowing operation,” said Ken Boyd.

He says the city didn’t really get a chance to roll out their program educating the public on the Know Your Zone ban.

“It’s a new system, we wanted to give the public the best opportunity to learn that system, as well as our staff and contractors,” said Boyd.

Lukes told the media last week that because she had been an “activist” and never been a “bureaucrat”, she has the intelligence to conjure solutions like a visual map on her website, to help solve the problem.


What she lacks, is the intelligence to stop insulting OUR intelligence by covering up the scandal caused by her lying lawyers.

The city raked in $10 million with a system built on a ruse.

I always thought “activists” – like Todd Dube – exposed government dishonesty. What kind of activist was Lukes, or did her principles change when she got elected?

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