Brian “No, not THESE needy people, THOSE needy people, over there!” Bowman?

At supper last night we – including the kids since it came up at school – were still trying to understand what the Mayor was trying to accomplish by holding a press conference on Sunday afternoon over an issue that quite honestly, has not erupted in the city.

“I believe now is not the time to close our doors. Now is not the time to allow fear to triumph over hope and humanity. Now, more than ever, is a time for compassion. It is a time for us to embrace our values of openness and acceptance.”

No one in the public eye had suggested we “close our doors” or reel in our compassion. Who is he kidding?

Reasonable people of all political stripes and ethnic origins, suggesting that concerns about whether the new federal government can properly do background checks on so many refugee entrants from a war zone in such a short time period, is not “FEAR”.It’s common sense.

The in-laws think this must be connected to the Grey Cup wave of media arriving and Mayor Bowman wanting to get ahead of reporters looking to incite a Macleans hysteria-over-nothing again.

But for gods sake, this city had NO secular social service agencies for the homeless in Saint Boniface until Marion Willis took the lead in August.

That’s right, 3 months ago. Finally.2


But why would he stop to think about them?

“As a city, we will continue to work collaboratively with our federal and provincial counterparts, as well as non-government organizations, to ensure refugees arriving are connected with the services and supports necessary to transition to a new life and home”

So he wants to be a hero to refugees fleeing Isis and/or Assad?

His job was to be a hero to the homeless, the destitute, the needy in our own community FIRST.  

Housing and basic services for them are in short supply, and to trumpet he would provide relief for downtrodden newcomers when he – and he isn’t alone in this, Mr. Premier – could not organize his administration and resources enough to help down-and-out residents already in St Boniface is shallow, self-aggrandizing, vain political posturing.    

Maybe their faces aren’t the right kind of publicity for Mayor Selfie to be seen with, since their suffering is old news ? 


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