Did WRHA suffer pangs of conscience, or a wave of humiliation?

Betty Clark did something most people don’t have the ability to do – force the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to back down.

“The representative from the WRHA phoned me and gave me the bad news/good news scenario,”said Clark. The bad news was the insurance company denied her claim, the good news was the WRHA would cover it.

Clark believes the only reason the WRHA is paying her $1,024 dentist bill is because she spoke up for herself and did not give up even after her letters and calls went unanswered for weeks.


“I’ve got a big mouth,” she joked.

The Patient Relations Office at St. Boniface Hospital had initially informed her the WRHA does not cover damage to teeth.

“The selfish part of me says, ‘Thank goodness it’s going to be paid,’ but the justice part of me doesn’t think that it’s quite right,” Clark said. 

There’s more to this than what we’re hearing. We know the WRHA “does not cover damage to teeth”. the question is, why doesn’t their insurance company? Unless, of course, the WRHA (ie the person doing the procedure) was somehow not covered by the insurance for this type of incident for some reason (not trained or qualified?).
Mrs. Clark concluded with a rallying cry:
“If everybody in Manitoba stood up for what they thought was right, what a wonderful place this would be. Just stand up for your rights and fight for what you think is right.
The fact is, when our parents and grandparents end up in the care of the WRHA, they can get the runaround – in Mrs. Clark’s file, for 5 months after being left looking like Ma Kettle – and when they don’t have the capacity or spirit to fight, it is up to us to take on the Lanette Siragusa’s, whose well-paid bureaucratic job job it is to make excuses, enable the runaround, frustrate and exhaust the victims, and ultimately, pretend they care enough to “do better” when the media asks for an explanation.
I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this case, or of cases like it.

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