WRHA forces senior to rack up credit card to fix busted tooth after St B. surgical mishap

Health Minister Sharon Blady has a nice set of choppers. 
While the boss of doctors and nurses in Manitoba puts a premium on her appearance, her bureaucrats think a senior citizen can be left looking like a gap-toothed hillbilly for half a year after the St Boniface Hospital screwed up.

The CBC reported on 83 year old Mrs. Clark, who endured a medical procedure for kidney stones through her mouth, and had her claim for the busted front tooth that resulted ignored by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. 

This story didn’t get a lot of notice online or in other media but it should. This kind of story shows how Manitoba has achieved absolute government by ass-covering. 
This senior citizen spent $1024.00 to fix her smile, after getting the runaround for FIVE months. On Blady’s watch.

The nurse, because Manitoba Health — ie Sharon Blady — won’t pay for dental work, sent Mrs. Clark to the “Patient Relations” department, which … advocated for the injured patient?  OF COURSE NOT.
No, they send her to the WRHA, whose insurance company called Mrs. Clark one time, ONE TIME, in 5 or so  months and the file is still open. 
Because, god knows, settling a $1024 claim requires more decency and wisdom than the WRHA can assemble.
Is Mrs. Clark’s injury claim THAT unusual?
Well… I searched online about ERCP and tooth loss and it took 10 seconds to find this:
A Danish study of 39 consecutive claims for compensation due to adverse events included five uncommon complications (back pain after ERCP under general anesthesia, Hashimoto thyroiditis, a fatal case of cholecystitis, tooth injury, and need for repeat uneventful ERCP due to a stone being missed at the first ERCP) [5]

Uncommon does not mean “unheard of” or “uninsurable”. 

From CBC: 

We definitely believe this is an unfortunate situation,” said Lanette Siragusa, director of surgery at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

“I can understand the time frame maybe isn’t as speedy as she would like, for sure, but we would encourage everyone who has a complaint or a compliment to be contacting the patient relations office either at the site or the WRHA,” said Siragusa.


We will look at our processes and see how we can do better.”

It’s “unfortunate” that Mrs. Clark, a pensioner, spent over $1000 on her credit card to restore her smile, patients should all go down the same path she did to be ignored, and in the meantime, Siragusa will “see how (they) can do better”? 

That’s how Blady’s crack health care “expert” tries to spin this? 

Not “That’s unacceptable”,

or “I will speak with our insurer immediately”

or, “I AM SORRY” ??

Last I looked, $1024.00 was a weekend shopping spree for Siragusa, who also serves as an adjunct professor in the University of Manitoba (does she get paid extra for that?), and, as her photo shows, isn’t missing any front teeth.

One assume her WRHA group insurance pays a dentist in case one busts in half, like Betty Clark’s did:

(2013 Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act: 

Siragusa, Lanette. Program Director – Regional. $118,898.59)

Siragusa handles about 390 surgical complaints a year.

At a rate of one per day, I think she could have found time to call Betty Clark instead of hiding behind her insurance agent and lame excuses.

But now, I think Sharon Blady has to call — with two apologies.

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