Family Advocates’ work facing CFS is “important”, just not important enough for Kerri Irvin-Ross to allow it

I thought I was finished venting about what I think is the poorjudgement by Greg Selinger to have rewarded Kerri Irvin-Ross (as in promoted to Deputy Premier and not fired from her portfolio as Family Services Minister).

But she can’t keep out of the headlines, and can’t stop saying utterly stupid, self-serving things.

Case 1 – APTN news video

… Morgan added at least one child-welfare agency has barred her from advocating on behalf of a family.

If there’s such transparency, there’s so much legitimacy to apprehending all these children then why is it you’re not allowing us to be at the table with these families? Morgan said.

…  Irvin-Ross said each particular child welfare agency decides for itself who should be permitted to advise on children in care.

And she insists that  the NDP government bases its decisions upon concerns for confidentiality and, especially, child safety.

“We will never, ever, ever apologize for putting children first,” said Irvin-Ross

Irvin-Ross is using the seized children as a shield to deflect Morgan’s concerns.

Was Gage Guimond or Phoenix Sinclair or Tina Fontaine an example of “putting children first” and of  child safety?

I also heard the CEO of the aboriginal authority involved doing damage control on CBC; That’s where Irvin-Ross talked out of every imaginable side of her mouth.

On radio, Bobbi Pompana tried to cover her tracks by talking about “privacy” and that Cora Morgan wasn’t following the rules, and she wasn’t thrown out of a meeting because technically the meeting hadn’t started yet.

I also heard Morgan in response tell CBC Radio she didn’t even get the supposed rules for her participation until the afternoon AFTER she was tossed out. 

So not only does this claim of ‘protecting a childs privacy’ stink, it’s obvious the only privacy they care about is keeping secret what these social workers and CFS agencies are doing to the children and families.

Here’s what the Minister said to CBC:

Families ask that she attends meetings. It will be up to the professionals on the front lines on how they decide what happens at that meeting. I think what we need to talk about is that she is doing that important work for families,” Irvin-Ross said. 

(Hello?? She can’t do that work if the agencies refuse to allow the families to have an advocate at the table, so “what we need to talk about” is she is being PREVENTED from doing her work.)

The minister added that it’s up to First Nations CFS officials — and, by extension, First Nations leaders — to decide whether Morgan can accompany families to CFS meetings.

…  Pompana says SFNCC has been working cooperatively with Morgan to find out how she can play a role for families without breaking any rules. 

“Her position is not legislated and not on the list of a person that we can share information with,” she said.

Pompana says Morgan would be able to sit it in on meetings if she got a court order for each particular case she handled. 

Maybe Irvin-Ross can start fixing this mess by declining the standing invitation at 529 or Jets games once in awhile, and show she cares about more than her own comfort.

Pick up the phone, tell Pompana the courts are clogged enough already, promise her government won’t prosecute for letting Morgan do her job, then CHANGE THE RULES so some accountability can be installed.

Hopefully, Irvin-Ross can figure out how to do this before she has to turn on the waterworks again at another ‘how did this child in CFS care get abused/get murdered’ press conference.

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