Why are people hating on Access Credit Union staying independent?

Families and businesses make decisions all the time, about who will handle their money and credit, and who deserves their business. Sometimes the decision is about convenience, sometime it’s about price points and customer services and perks, and sometimes it’s because in the case of credit unions, people may have a connection to it through the community.
And credit unions in Manitoba are very connected to their community, or should still be.
But the negative, bigoted, comments I see online, about the vote last night to keep Access separate from Assiniboine Credit Union, that the refusal is by redneck, anti-gay rights, narrow minded bumpkins… these are Assiniboine CU supporters and in some cases members, by the way.
I caught onto this when i saw this tweet by reporter, Harry Siemens:
The last vote supposedly wasn’t fair because not enough ballot boxes were distributed, or something. That was a legitimate issue given turnout increased – is it 750% ? If people are waiting three or four hours to vote, that should be applauded. That’s what I would teach my kids.
2700 people, regardless of what kind of ‘awfull’ persons they are because of their social and political opinions, if they have them,  might have thought, ‘hey, I don’t want to hand majority Board of Directors control of my money to another bunch I don’t even know.’ or “Maybe I want my money to be loaned for sports and for the hospital in rural communities, and not to inner city social service agencies”.
If Access members felt that the particular approach of Assiniboine to lending was not in line with their values – well guess what, that’s their right because that’s THEIR money.
Has Manitobans – in this case I guess meaning Assiniboine Credit Union supporters and political commenters on local news sites – become so full of themselves, they think they can sneer at anyone who wants their money invested/saved/spent according to values the critics don’t share? That they have to label CU members exercising choices about their own money as anti-this or against-that? 
Maybe it was because Assiniboine’s reputation is that it has become impersonal and almost rude, the bigger it has grown, people had the right to make that choice.
The way this attack was seemingly coordinated, like proponents are personally insulted by this result, makes me wonder what Assiniboine was really trying to pull with this.
And if the Access voters rejected Assiniboine because they don’t want to support the Green Action Centre or the United Way as a matter of principle, or support SEED or some other funded organization because they don’t trust the people who run it, that’s democracy. A segment of our citizenry seems to have decided that principle isn’t important to them anymore. 
I wouldn’t want to be a member of any credit union they belonged to, would you?

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