Hello to everyone who has chosen to read this.

I am Penni, a working mother who works part time, has a hard working partner, and I want to explain, I have never tried to reach a public audience before. But things for my immediate family and friends are getting increasingly harder.

Not just the financial end, which god knows is a struggle. But the things we deal with thru our family and friends, like schools, doctors, city services. Whether it’s thru the Book Club I am in, or my curling team (Yay season’s coming !), or at the weekend farmers’ market, there are a lot of us moms who are saying the same things to each other – how did *this*  happen, when did *that* change, why doesn’t the government do something about *the other thing*.confused-woman

I see too many hardships around me and cannot just stay silent any more. Not everyone is the author of their own misfortune and we need hope that this will change.  I’m not going to pull any punches and will be asking questions about what is happening to our city.

To do that I am hoping that people on Twitter and who come across my web posts will help me to find original and source material to review so i can do proper research for my writings. I struggle with paywalls and search terms — so if there are any tips, or issues you think I should be looking into, I welcome the help.

I am not satisfied with the kind of information we get through the media which is too often spending time on celebrities and festivals and cotton candy stuff that are distractions. It has filtered down to local news media and it is not what we need.

I include the Mayor in that because some of us rely on decent bus service, and he obviously doesn’t.

So I am doing my own research about political parties, what they stand for, who to trust, and what political parties and candidates think people will be fooled by to get our vote or money.

I’m just one mom but we need to be heard.


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